Friday, October 16, 2015

The Third and Final Sample

For those of you still trying to decide whether or not to buy and read my book, here is a final sample and a short listing of some of the characters' names in my book-

Here are the names of some of the "major" characters in the book- Can you guess the real names of who their characters are based on? (LOL) 

Devin Micheals
Dave Garrison
Curtis Vines
Kelly Woodson
Annette Ray
Traci Richards
Joyce Melrose
Ron Dennis
Vanessa Hillsdale
Mark Grell
Jonathan Cobb
Calacia Hill
Robrina Houston
Rosetta Johnson
Ray Dennis
Micheal London
Rena Mack
Randi Roberts
Ray Ross
J.T. Walton
Tangela Stanley

Introducing Kelly Woodson:

You'll have to buy the book to read the rest- :-)

Plus, a picture of the original cover I created:

(Yes, I liked this one better!)

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