Monday, June 6, 2016

Lobos, Blue Devils, and Mustangs - The Comic Strip

Good afternoon. I know I haven't really spotlighted my book in some time, nor have I given it much attention in regards to making the public aware I have written a book and had it published. This has happened for a very good reason ( which I will be going into later.)

But this summer, that's about to change. (I hope.) My primary focus will be on my book and I will be getting copies of the book to sell/give away/SELL to some fortunate individuals.

In an inspired and shameless attempt to drum up more interest in the book, I've returned to my roots as an artist, and after 25+ years of not drawing (at least, not with a pencil), I've decided to create a new comic strip based on the book. I will be posting these on this blog and on the book's official website-

This is the very first strip (Sunday funnies style):

Lobos, Blue Devils, and Mustangs by C. Edwards             June 5, 2016

Original Black & White drawing

I will also post daily strips every other day (or when I have time)- Feel free to post comments below or on Facebook-

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