Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!!!

In honor of the classic "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and to celebrate the Halloween season, here are a few images:

What happens when you cross Halloween, World Geography, and Charlie Brown together?

And here are a few clips from the book itself:

"Ummm, NOOOO."

What did everyone get?

The Great Pumpkin(s): "SO YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN MEEE? BOOOOOO!!!"

Let's get this party started right.. now...!

"Let's bob for apples! I'll go first!"
"Yeah, go first because you've got the biggest mouth for it! Ha ha ha!"

Let's see, the pumpkin's head should look like this...

Charlie Brown: "STUPID $%^&& *@## %%$$##S"


"Did he come? Did he leave us toys and candy?"

Sally realizes she has missed out on getting Hershey bars and Warheads-

The gang leave Linus behind-

Linus is a broken man-

No Goobers, no glory, no Great Pumpkin